Group Tours

Private tours for groups of ten or more provide an enriching learning experience. We offer a range of activities for groups of all sizes and needs. Typically, a museum tour includes a forty-minute tour of Hyde House or a forty-minute guided tour of a special exhibition. Let us know if you have specific goals, and we’ll design a tour to suit your needs.

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Group Tour Request Form

For everyone looking to tour The Hyde Collection as a group. A group is defined as ten or more people. For school-affiliated or student groups, please fill out the Student Tour Request Form.

*To ensure all needs are met, please contact the Education Department directly to make a reservation for group of individuals that may have special needs. Please call Jenny Hutchinson, Museum Educator, 518-792-1761 ext.327*

Required Information

Please Be Advised

The recommended tour size is 10 people per docent/guide.
Tours over 25 may be asked to incorporate a break for one portion of the tour to preserve the delicate space of Hyde House.
The Hyde cannot accommodate tours over 60 people.

Please Be Advised

Guided tours have strict group size requirements to ensure the best experience for all visitors and for the preservation of our historic home and artworks. A group with 20 or more people will be divided into smaller groups per the 10 people per guide requirement. Time on site is estimated by group size and guide availability. The Hyde Collection cannot accommodate guided tours with groups of 60 or more people.

Please check the following Items you would like to have included as part of your reservation

Museum Docent Tour Options
Please view our Exhibition Schedule and Descriptions
40 Minute Hyde House Tour40 Minute Special Exhibit Tour

Self-Guided Tour Options
Groups can visit the museum at their own pace with the benefit of receiving the group admission rate.
Hyde HouseSpecial Exhibit

Additional Notes

Please note if you would like a shortened docent tour or have any special needs such as wheel chair access, hearing impaired, or any other note of need please let us know


The Group Rate to visit The Hyde Collection is $8 per person less a $50 deposit (including both self-guided and guided tours). A group must have a minimum of ten people to qualify for a group rate.
The $50 deposit is due when a tour is confirmed. The deposit guarantees the group rate discount and (if requested) a Museum Docent and/or Educator.

Hyde Collection Staff Contact

If you have any questions please contact, Museum Educator, Jenny Hutchinson, 518-792-1761 ext.327 or