Summer Break Children’s Workshop

We are celebrating summer with two different workshops that will explore the role of nature in art. Children will discover how Rockwell Kent captures the wilderness in his artwork and the techniques he used to create the different environments. For ages 6 to 12.

Each Full Workshop (Tuesday – Friday): $60 members / $80 non-members
Single day: $20 members / $25 non-members

Register by contacting Kayla at 518-792-1761 ext. 310 or

Workshop 1: Art of Nature

7/10 Water

In A Life and Art of His Own: The Paintings of Rockwell Kent from North Country Collections, you can see water that is rushing, misting, or frozen. Learn about the states of matter and how H20 is depicted in Kent’s paintings. In the Art Studio, participants will use water to create a mixed-media art piece.

7/11 Sky

Some say that Rockwell Kent was obsessed with clouds. Discover how Kent used skies in his painting to depict mood and time. We will learn how we can help reduce air pollution and why it is important. Using watercolor painting techniques, participants will create a sky of their very own.

7/12 Land

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”- John Muir

Rockwell Kent knew the importance for man to be out in nature. His landscapes show his love for the land. Like true naturalists, we will take a close look at the nature we find around The Hyde Collection. Participants will create clay sculptures of the beauty we find around us.

7/13 Tree Connections

The Prints of Rockwell Kent: Selections from the Ralf C. Nemec Collection are great examples of Rockwell Kent’s use of lines. We will discover the secret life of trees and how plants are connected to their environments. Participants will create tree-inspired artwork using string.


Workshop 2: Wild Places

7/17 Greenland

Discover the world’s largest island, Greenland. This icy land inspired many of Rockwell Kent’s paintings found in A Life and Art of His Own: The Paintings of Rockwell Kent from North Country Collections. We will learn about the traditions of the Inuit people and how they create art. We will create a sculpture inspired by Inuit culture.

7/18 Alaska

Inspired by Rockwell Kent’s adventure to Fox Island with his then-9-year old son, Rocky, we will learn what it would take to survive this wild place. Participants will create their own cabin like Kent, using found materials.

7/19 Tierra del Fuego

Kent sailed to Tierra del Fuego on a quest for adventure. And did he find it! Join us for a sailing adventure, as we will travel the seas using line and creativity.

7/20 Adirondacks

Rockwell Kent traveled many places looking for beautiful landscapes. The Adirondack Mountains were a source of inspiration for Kent’s paintings. We will learn about the plants and animals we can find in the Adirondacks and create a painted landscape.



Jul 10 2018 - Jul 20 2018


10:00 AM - 12:30 PM


$20 - $80