Director’s Message

Director’s Message, Summer 2018

Women like Hyde Collection founder Charlotte Pruyn Hyde rejected the roles they were commonly forced into, instead using determination, hard work, passion, and their considerable talents to fulfill their dreams.

Mrs. Hyde understood the value of having access to art and knew that her incredible art collection could change lives. She worked to ensure her legacy — her home and the artwork it contained — would live on.

This summer, we celebrate female artists with companion exhibitions, Jane Peterson: At Home and Abroad and Changing the Landscape: Women Impressionists from the Thomas Clark Collection, which examine the careers of painters whose works were prominent at a time when women were still fighting for respect and recognition.

Because of the Museum’s history of strong female leadership, these exhibitions are particularly poignant. The artwork is inarguably beautiful. But when we consider the obstacles these women faced, we can see so much more: the artists’ composure, their commitment, and their strength of spirit.

Like Mrs. Hyde, the women whose works are included in these exhibitions defied expectation, knowing they were capable of so much more. We are proud to work every day to fulfill the power of such vision.



Anne Saile
Interim Director of The Hyde Collection