Museum Etiquette

Museum Manners at The Hyde Collection

Please review the following with your class before your visit.

1.       Please do not touch: Works of art are fragile and it is the museum’s job to protect them for future generations.  Therefore, we ask all visitors not to touch.  While your hands may seem clean, there are always oils on your hands that can damage paintings, drawings, and furniture over time.

2.       Please raise your hand before speaking: It is difficult to hear one another in the museum and galleries and it is important to respect the ideas of others.  We encourage you to ask questions and to share your thoughts, but please be considerate and raise your hand first.

3.      Coats, hats, umbrellas & bags: Coats and other accessories can be bulky and damage a work of art without you being aware of it.  Therefore, these items must be stored before you tour the historic house and galleries.  An educator or volunteer will help you secure these items before you begin.

4.       Pens, pencils, papers, books, etc.: These items must be left on the bus or placed with your coats during the tour.  If there is a sketching or writing activity to take place, the Museum will provide you with necessary materials.

5.       Please do not take pictures: The flash from a camera can damage paintings and furniture the same way the sun can make colors fade over time.  In Hyde House, photographs are allowed with no flash if there is extra time.

6.       Gum, food, and drinks: are not allowed in the museum.  Please dispose of these items before entering the museum.  *If arrangements have been made with the museum educator to eat lunch in the art studio after the tour, lunches and drinks can be brought in as long as they are packed away.

7.     Cell phones and mp3 players: must be turned off and put away.

Stay with your assigned group.