Message from the Director, May 1, 2017

With the opening of the Feibes & Schmitt Gallery in June, The Hyde begins a new chapter in its history, which started with the vision of founder Charlotte Hyde and is continued now by extraordinary philanthropists Werner Feibes and the late James Schmitt.

When Charlotte Hyde established The Hyde Collection in 1952, she created an art museum with the express purpose of benefiting and enriching the lives of those who lived in Glens Falls, the surrounding area, and beyond. She wanted the Museum to adapt and change as circumstances and opportunities arose. Her vision for The Hyde was not as a fossilized institution that stays frozen in time, but one that grows and evolves with the changing times and tastes. Indeed, the Museum has changed just as she envisioned it would.

On June 10, we open the Feibes & Schmitt Gallery dedicated to the exhibition of Modern and Contemporary art, year round, for members and the entire community. The Feibes & Schmitt Collection more than doubles the Museum’s holding of Modern art, and the new 1,500-square-foot gallery provides space to showcase those works. This gift enhances our reputation as the leading visual arts institution in the region, significantly expands our exhibition and educational programming opportunities, and profoundly impacts the visitor experience. Nowhere else will you be able to see Old Masters, a distinguished collection of European and American art, and now, significant works of Modern Art, including non-objective art and other forms of abstract art, Pop art, Minimalism, and conceptual art.

We are extremely grateful to Werner Feibes and the many donors to the Transformation Campaign, and we are extremely proud that we can bring this collection to you, our members. The Feibes & Schmitt Collection could have been donated to a larger metropolitan museum, but it has found a home here, in Glens Falls, at The Hyde. This is an amazing feat and we hope you will join us in celebrating and championing this gift.

Yours sincerely,

Erin Coe
Director of The Hyde Collection