About The Hyde Collection


We enjoyed a busy and productive summer at The Hyde and I want to thank our members for making it so! With winter upon us, we turn our attention to a time of year for reflection on our achievements, but with an enhanced sense of gratitude for all of you who inspire and support us. It is in this spirit of giving and appreciation that I am happy to bring back the Pay as you Wish program for the month of December. While the Museum is always free to members, Pay as you Wish provides a unique opportunity for you to give feedback based on your experience. Moreover, you can bring your non-member friends and family to The Hyde this holiday season so they too can experience the Museum, provide input, and determine an admission fee of their own choosing.     

The excitement and enthusiasm from our announcement of Werner Feibes’ extraordinary gift of art and cash toward a new gallery dedicated to Modern and Contemporary art continues to reverberate through the community and beyond. We made his transformative gift to The Hyde the theme of this year’s Gala. That evening, we honored Werner Feibes with a leadership award for his philanthropy and for inspiring others to give in support of our new direction, while we stay true to our core mission and values. We are in the midst of constructing the new gallery, which will be located behind the Charles R. Wood Gallery. Now, the excitement of the announcement blends with a sense of anticipation for the opening of the Feibes & Schmitt Gallery in June of 2017.

The Hyde is being transformed just as the city of Glens Falls receives major funding for a new phase of revitalization and development. As the premier tourist destination in Glens Falls, the Museum attracts visitors from across the United States and, indeed, the world, and actively contributes to the financial viability of the city. The future has never been brighter for the arts and business communities; therefore, the opportunity to work together to bring about greater prosperity and an enhanced quality of life for the community is more critical than ever before.     

The Hyde’s ability to remain a vital economic engine starts with you, our members. Membership is the single most important measure of our capacity to generate commitment and engagement. So in the spirit of the season and a bright new year, we thank you and wish you a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you at the Museum soon and often.


Erin Coe
Director of The Hyde Collection